Iiyama, Nagano PLACE for SNOW!

Mori-No-Ie, Forest House in Iiyama, Nagano

Mori no ie, Forest House

Mori no ie, Forest House is located at Nabekura Kougen Heights in Iiyama, Nagano

Mori-no -ie, Forest house to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. We provide lodges and travel arrangements.
We are located at a 550-meter altitude, and is surrounded by an old and well-preserved beech forest.
You can enjoy walking through the forest and other outdoor activities.

Mori-No-Ie, Forest House in Iiyama, Nagano

Winter  Weekend Events
Here at Mori no Ie, we have various activities happening on winter weekend. 
Snowshoe hikes and cross-country skiing in the winter, both night and day.
Nordic walking and trail hiking in the warmer months.
In the winter, tastings of famed local sake from Iiyama Village. Our sake is buried in the snow, enhancing its flavor.
Many seasonal local cooking and craft events.




Snow Winter day at Iiyama, Nagano

Snowy days in February at Butsudan Street, Buddhist alter street, Iiyama, Nagano

You can experience the repairing Buddhist altar part!

For your information:

For question and reservation;
Please mail to info@iiyama-ouendan.net










For reservation, please copy and paste and fill out the following list and e-mail it to us.
→ info@nabekura.net

We will give you a reply within 3 days.

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