What is Authentic Visit Japan?

A website that features places to stay in Japan’s rural areas, both countryside and seaside. These nature-friendly holidays, called Families Activity Breaks (FAB), promote interaction between visitors and the communities they visit, such as those involved in farming, forestry or fishing
We augment the experience with a range of things to do in the local area, including:
Local Food & Drink
Farmer’s & Fisherman’s Markets
Family Days Out
Farming, forestry, fishing and other outdoor activities.
· Festivals, Museums, Gardens, Arts and Hand-made Crafts.
· Walks, Cycle Rides and Watersports
· Wildlife Watching
· and much more…

Who are we?

Authentic-visit.jp is a media consultant operated by JTB Corporate Sales Inc.. It provides support for marketing and publishing services related to nature-friendly countryside and coastal areas of rural Japan.

A word on Countryside Stay

Countryside Stay in Japan provides opportunities for foreign visitors to experience the country’s traditional lifestyles, many of which still exist in rural areas away from the hustle and bustle of Japan’s large cities. Travelers can stay in agricultural, mountain and/or fishing villages, meeting the local inhabitants face to face and seeing how they have lived for centuries.
Japan has four distinct seasons, each with its own natural beauty and each affording the perfect setting for a vacation in nature.