Tokachi, Hokkaido: The Land Of Beautiful Trees And Grassland

Summer is the most popular season to visit Hokkaido. Many people think of Hokkaido to be full of vast prairies and flowers.

White birch line of trees

A line of white birch trees

A row of beautiful white birch and old oak trees.

Tokachi is called an agriculture kingdom

Tokachi is called an agriculture kingdom

The total cultivated land area per farming household in Tokachi is 41.7 ha, which is twice the average area in Hokkaido. The total number of dairy and beef cattle account for as much as 40% of the land in Hokkaido. Agricultural land is spread across the vast Tokachi plain and the windbreaks provide beautiful scenery during all seasons. These are valuable resources for attracting visitors. The number of farmers that provide accommodation have increased in the recent years, so people from the city area have the opportunity to experience agricultural work.

Tokachigawa Hot Springs is located along the bank of the Tokachi river roughly at the center of the Tokachi area. This natural hot spring is known as a moor spring that is derived from organic plant matter that rises from deep below the surface through several layers of plant sediment. In English and German, the word moor refers to a marsh (peatland). This particular spring was named “a moor hot spring” after the European tradition of moor bathing used for beautifying purposes.

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