Visit The Activity Center At Iiyama Station For Information On Local Outdoor Activities

There is an activity center located on the 1st floor of the Iiyama Shinkansen station. Just a few minutes away from the platform, you can get everything you need to experience and enjoy the area. At this train station, there is the activity center, an information center and a cozy cafe.

Here, you can rent a bicycle, some gear, boots and more. You can get the all information you need to enjoy the outdoor activities in Iiyama. There is a book store inside, and they also provide fitting rooms.

The Shinetsu trail runs over the ridges of the Sekida mountains at about 1,000 meters above sea level, forming a boundary between Nagano and Niigata prefecture. It is one of the few long trails in Japan. This area is blessed with a rich ecosystem nurtured by Japanese beech tree forests.

There are 22 ski resorts where you can enjoy powder snow. The Shinetsu trail is a 80 kilometer long trail that showcases Japan’s natural beauty and the Chikuma river (the longest river in Japan), which is a perfect spot for outdoor activities year round.

For your information:
Name of Shop : Shinetsu-Shizenkyo Iiyama Station Tourist Information Center
Address : 771-1, Iiyama, Iiyama City, Nagano 389-2253 Japan

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entrance Shinetsu Shizenkyo (Shinetsu Natural Zone) Activity Center

rent a cycle

You can chose your favorite bike.

shinetsu trail

This center can arrange the mountain guide and provide you the information and arrangement.