Miyama, Kyoto: Explore The Winter Forest In Snowshoes

Snowshoeing in Miyama takes place from January to March. Located only an hour and a half away from Kyoto by bus and train, the town is covered with 50 centimetres of snow in the winter. In the mountain areas, the depth of the snow can be over 2 meters. Snowshoeing is one of the famous winter activities in this region. You can walk on the rice fields or the mountain roads in these shoes without sinking into the snow. The local worker will guide you into the beautiful world of snow.

You can also walk into the snowy forest in your snowshoes. You will not be able to enter the forest with other gear, such as skis or snowboards. If you are lucky, you might encounter some wild animals like deers and rabbits. In the Tauta and Ashiyu forest area, the snow is around a meter deep. Inside the actual forest, the snow can be around 2 meters deep.

Snowshoe tours are great ways to experience the world away from the crowds and the lift lines. Explore the silent nature.

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Winter is a fun season for "Snow-shoe hike" and Sake tasting!!

Close to village, you can find Snow field.

View to Thatched Roof houses from mountain edge.

Be careful ! Even white thick snow bed.

Group Snow-shoe hike

Stepping up along with stream.

Blue Sky and Pure snow

Blue and white.

Snow-shoe hike Climbing small hill.

You can climb according to your conditions.

Along with forest

You can rest soon.

Along with river

You can hear streaming river sound.

Forest side

You may hear the bird singing in first.

Snowed Forest and Blue Sky

You may see this view in the calm and clear air.

Snowed Forest and River

Scenes in Snow-shoe hike

Blue Sky and mountains.

You may view the far mountains in the clear air.