Visit Iiyama, Nagano To Enjoy Exciting Seasonal Events

Located in the far north of Nagano prefecture, Iiyama city is home to many Japanese people. Iiyama is famous for its natural landscape, their unique history and culture, their sense of tradition, and kind hearted people. With the elegant streets lined up with the temples, deep forests and highlands, the area is full of exciting tourist attractions.

Iiyama has one of the highest snow accumulations in Japan. Iiyama holds the Iiyama Snow Festival and the Kamakura festival every year. Many snow sculptures are put on display. There is also a fire festival with a unique “Omikoshi” shrine parade. This is one of the few parades in Japan that take place during the winter, in the snow.

In the spring, you will be able to see the yellow field of nanohana blossoms. These flowers usually bloom between mid April and early May.

Nagano is known as “the roof of Japan” because of its majestic mountains. Iiyama mountains are listed as one of the trekking courses in the famous Shinetsu trail.

As you may know, Tsuyu is the rainy season in Japan. After Tsuyu, Japan gets hotter and hotter everyday. One great way to cool off the heat is to jump into a river filled with melted snow. Iiyama has many great camping sites. If you want to stay away from the city or the town, staying at hotel or the ryokan is an option.

I am sure most of you know how photogenic fall in Japan can be. You can experience many Japanese fall activities in Iiyama. Just like the other farmers in other rural areas, farmers in Iiyama pray and thank the God for an abundant harvest and the well-being of local families. Local people perform various traditional dances, such as the lion dance, the long-sword dance and the hopping dance. These festivals are run by the farmers and residents of Iiyama, and they are open to tourists as well. These festivals are the biggest events of the year, and they are great opportunities to experience the culture and traditions of Iiyama. The festivals are not flashy or big, but they demonstrate the pride of the locals who have carefully preserved their traditional culture. Autumn festivals are held almost every weekend in September.

Iiyama is known as one of the snowiest places in Japan. In the winter, the downtown districts, the fields and the mountains are covered in snow, transforming the city into a winter wonderland. Held in February every year, the Iiyama Snow Festival and the Kamakura (snow hut) village are local favourites. Guests who want to spend more time frolicking in the snow can visit the Mori-no-ie (Nabekura Kogen) and Yama-no-ie (Madarao Kogen). The guides there are always happy to introduce visitors to adventures that are only found in this area.

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sky in iiyama

In the center of rich natural landscape,
a unique history and culture, sense of tradition, and kindness has flourished. With elegant streets lined with temples,
deep forests and highlands, and special earth products at each season,
the area is full of charming attractions.

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Hokuriku Shinkansen (Super Express) stops at Iiyama, easier access to Iiyama from anywhere in Japan.

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Iiyama is known as Shinetsu Shizenkyo
Gorgeous natural landscapes in every 4 seasons, gently flowing waterways at the foot of towering mountains fields of green and gold, and lush green forests. The warm welcome of the Japanese countryside is just a.train ride away.

iiyama rice field 3

Iiyama produce japanese rice. At early summer, you will see the green and green baby rice shining.

relax morning, early summer at Iiyama, Nagano, Japan

Iiyama, NAGANO