Visit The Mori-no-ie In Iiyama, Nagano And Enjoy The Nature

If you travel 2 hours from Tokyo to Iiyama on the Shinkansen bullet train, you will discover a different side of Japan. You will see a peaceful landscape of rural Japan.

As soon as I arrived at the JR Iiyama station, I went to the activity center to rent a bike and some trekking equipment. I also asked for information on tourist activities here. The purpose of my trip to Iiyama was to relax and to take a break from the noisy city. I forced myself to switch off my smartphone and my laptop all day.

I asked the worker at the tourist information centre if it was possible to bike to Mori-no-ie. They told me that it would take 30 minutes by car, and that the route was uphill. Apparently, they have a pick-up service at noon which departs from the station. The ride to Mori-no-ie is short enough to have a small conversation with the driver, but we tried not to disturb our private moments.

The purpose of my first trip to Japan was to shut out all the city noise. Coming here, I felt like I made the right choice.

Mori-no-ie is located in the Nabekura Kougen Heights in Iiyama, Nagano. This is a perfect place to relax and take a deep breath. It is located at 550 meters above ground, and it is surrounded by an old yet well preserved beech forest. You can take a walk through the forest and enjoy other outdoor activities.

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forest in mori no ie

Mori no ie means Forest House. Just to open the cozy cottages door, mountain nature welcomes you !

beech nut

Beech trees are living around cottages for long long time. Trees shows you time.

small shrine

Small village is breathing so calm and steady. Their small shrine is so charming !

forest house cottage

Thses 10 cottages are so clean and cozy. Each cottages are the private bath, toilet, bed, kitchen.

forest guide Mr. gaku osaka

Mr. gaku osaka, will show you the forest !

2 hours to morinoie

Official Mori no ie video