Experience The Buddhist Altar Repairing In Iiyama, Nagano

Iiyama is famous for its Buddhist altar craftsmanship. Buddhist altar shops in Iiyama have their own workshops in the backyard or on the second floor. The Buddhist altar craftsmanship have a long history for making and repairing altars.
Please experience the traditional craftsmanship in Iiyama!

Butsudan-dori (Buddhist Altar Street)
The innovative architectures unique to Japan’s snowy regions keep sidewalks clear of snow and protect the shops and houses. In Iiyama, a 300 meter long road is protected by this traditional street covering. The street is also home to several Buddhist altar shops, which is why it was given the name “Butsudan-dori (Buddhist Altar Street).”

The making of Buddhist household altars became firmly established in the thriving religious community of Iiyama during the beginning of the 17th century. All of the work was done in the area by different craftsmen, and then the whole body was assembled. At the center of this network of skilled workers were specialist stores, which were both finishers and wholesalers of the altars. The strong belief in the Buddhist faith of the people in Iiyama, the ease with which raw materials could be obtained, and a suitable climate in which to build these complex pieces of cabinetry have all contributed to the sustained production of the Iiyama Butsudan.

A generous use of wood makes the Iiyama Butsudan heavy. The lacquer is of an extremely high quality and the richly multicolored decorative lacquer techniques employed help to give these altars a rich, powerful beauty. Discoloring and general aging can easily be dealt with as all the parts can be disassembled. Several styles of altars are made to meet the requirements of the different Buddhist sects.

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brand new Buddhist altar

You can experience the repairing Buddhist altar part!

dragon is main motif

Special motif is Dragon ! Dragon is used as the symbol of Iiyama Buddhist alter

before repair part

after repair part

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