Ebisu-yu: A Public Bath In Kurashiki, Okayama

There are two types of public baths in Japan: the onsen and the sento. Onsens are classified as the natural hot springs, whereas sentos use regular water and heat it. Thus, onsens are usually found in resort areas like Hitonoyu (which means hidden onsen) while sentos can be found in towns.

Even if you wanted to experience public bathing in Japan, it can be difficult because many visitors are not aware of the rules that may apply, or how to enjoy them. One useful information to know is that in sentos, people are less covered.

Along with the charming old buildings in the Bikan area (cultural reserved area in Kurashiki), Kurashiki has many things to offer.

I chose a sento (public bath) called Ebisu-yu. This 100 year-old sento is a nice place to study the Japanese culture and lifestyle.

For your information :
Name of bath : Ebisuya is the Japanese god of fishermen and luck, you will find the Ebisu drawings on the Noren,  curtain hung at the entrance
Address : 2-1-5, Tsurukata, Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
Speciality : This bath appears very simple, but has a lot of history behind it. The changing room has a beautiful wooden floor and matching wooden lockers.
Entrance fee : 410yen. Open : PM4-PM10. Close : Saturday

Japanese web site : Ebisu-yu

Entrance Door

Such a colorful Cartoon Noren (short split curtain)

Looking back the door from inside

Back of Noren

Bandai, She is the bath master

Bandai (platform for the attendant (often the owner) to collect a fee or watch over the dressing rooms, placed near the entrance)

Shoes Box

You can keep your shoes at this box. Do not forget wood-lock-key

Umbrella keeper

I don't know it still working ?

Cloth Box

You can keep your clothes at this box. Do not forget wood-lock-key


Not wide but cozy. I recommend you to bring soap, shampoo and towel.

Weight measure

Old, old type

Height measure

Old, old type

Out look of building

I don't know exactly how old this building