The Kurashiki Bikan Chiku (Kurashiki Beautiful Historical Quarter), Okayama

Kurashiki is located in the west of Okayama prefecture’s southern plains. During the Edo period some 350 years ago, the area along the Kurashiki-gawa river was under direct control of the Shogunate government. The trades that took place on the boat helped the town to prosper. The beautiful streetscape of storehouses and merchant homes south of JR Kurashiki station was selected as an Important Traditional Structures Conservation Area by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and it is still protected as the “Bikan Chiku” historical area.

The Ohara Museum of Art is also located in this area. With its world famous collections including pieces by El Greco, Gauguin and Monet, it is the first museum of western art in Japan and it attracts a constant stream of visitors from both Japan and abroad.

Nighttime Scenic Lighting
At sunset, gentle lights appear along the Kurashiki canal and in the Ivy Square area. Developed under the direction of a lighting designer, this scenic illumination provides a fantastic glimpse into an old Japanese townscape. The lights stay lit until 22:00 from April to September, and until 21:00 from October to March.

For your information:
Name of Area : Kurashiki Bikan Chiku (Kurashiki beautiful Historian Quarter)

Access :

Day time Honmachi area 1 Beautiful streetscape of storehouses

important Traditional Structures Conservation Area by the Agency for Cultural Affairs,

Day time Honmachi area 2 White walls of storehouses

still protected as such today as the "Bikan Chiku" historical area

Day time Honmachi area 3 Merchant Shop street

honmachi and higashi-machi stretch just a short walk from the kurashiki-gawa river

Day time Honmachi area 4 Liquor wholesaler shop, café, library

the town was an important textile center

Day time Honmachi area 5 Oden shop, noodle, Italian many restaurants

black-and-white warehouses

Day time Kurashikigawa river

you can enjoy a view of the riverbanks while experiencing a gondola-style boat ride

Night time Kurashikigawa river 1

when it gets dark, the streets are gently enveloped by soft illumination, making the area enjoyable at night time as well.

Night time Kurashikigawa river 2

canal is lined with willows

Night time Kurashikigawa river 3

there are the requisite Japanese carp (koi)

Night time Honmachi area 1

there are no cars to avoid

Night time Honmachi area 2

none of the overhead wires

Night time Honmachi area 3

leading you to relaxed strolling

Night time Honmachi area 4

so nice night walk after dinner