Kominka Farmhouse Stay: Experience The Authentic Lifestyle In Rural Japan

Kominka is an old wooden Japanese house. Many farmers in the countryside provide farmhouse experiences to tourists from abroad. Ajimu town has been providing farmhouse experiences for a long time.

Besides having the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and love of the local families, farmhouse stay allows you to find out and see many interesting parts of traditional Japanese houses. For instance, the fusuma paper screen found in these houses are carefully painted and they have a shiny texture. On the ceiling, you will find engraved wood screen between the rooms, and they are sometimes shaped like Mount Fuji. Enjoy finding interesting objects around you in the house.

Ajimu is a small town located in the mountain area of Oita prefecture. Ajimu is well-known as the family travel village in Japan. Visitors can book traditional Japanese farmhouses. I was pleased to find that there are homestay opportunities available as well and jumped at the chance to go somewhere relatively unknown and exciting. I would like to show you details of the traditional farmhouses here in Ajimu. For vegetable lovers, pick up fresh vegetables with the host family.

For your information:
Access : Please visit web below;

Contact : Please contact NPO Ajimumachi Green Tourism Society
http://www.ajimu-gt.jp/form.html (Web mail form, Japanese only)

Related web : http://www.ajimu-gt.jp/page0102.html (Farm stay family listing, Japanese only)

Frosted glass with painting 1

This window glass painted Fuji Mountain.

Frosted glass with painting 2

This window glass painted looks like same but different. All glasses are painted different. Amazing 1

Large alcove 1

japanese alcove always decorated with hanging scroll with painting and kanji character calligraphy. Hard to read even japanese.

Large alcove 2

This house 2 alcoves.

Transom Window with openwork

Mt Fuji is sculptured in the wood frame alcove the fusuma door rail.

Transom Window with openwork (Close-up)

I found 4 different transome window designs in this house.

Wood fusuma door rail

Polished like metal with zoukin cloth every day.

Wood fusuma door rail (Close-up)

This is really beautiful.

From outside.

Zashiki (alcove room) is really clean and tidy.