Visit The Famous City Of Samurais In Izumi, Kagoshima

The Satsuma Domain from the Edo period had set up so-called “outer towns” throughout the governing territories. About a hundred of these were then called “fumoto,” as they served as strong points hosting samurai retainers administrating their respective regions. This “fumoto” outer town in Izumi, in particular, is said to have been the very first and the largest one constructed in all of Higo (present-day Kumamoto Prefecture) for its geographical significance. Still remaining here today are over 150 of the samurai residential buildings from that era. They are also designated as Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings in Japan.

Satsuma-Ham is an old feudal domain located in Kagoshima prefecture, in southwestern Kyushu. Satsuma-bushi (Samurai in Satsuma) is famous for its strong spirit. There is another samurai residence is Chiran, Kagoshima. Chiran is located in the central area of Kagoshima. Izumi is the last town for samurais leaving Kagoshima and it is also the key border and transportation point for Satsuma-han.

Enjoy the unchanging townscape from 400 years ago.

For your information:

Name of house : Izumi City public samurai residence, “Takezoe-tei”
Address : 5-17 Fumotocho, Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-0204
Access : Please visit web below;

Contact : kanko_c@ (Inquiry Form)

This day-trip course:
the Hisatsu Orange Railway features the Kimono Experience at the Samurai Residences. Enjoy the great views of Kyushu’s western coastlines and sceneries outside the moving train.

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Samurai Meeting room

Drawing room, used for meeting with official visitors.

Many connecting rooms

Official Samurai Visitors came in a group andsometime at same time. And many rooms required for keeping waiting for non-friendly groups.

Looking garden

Many trees are planted for comfort and shade.

Back Doors

Additional to the main entrance, 1 or 2 backdoor for many reasons.

Irori fire place for family life

At backside of the house, family life-space was kept. But Irori-side was permitted to sit just men at that time.

Greens around house

Trees good match with Samurai Park Costume and frugal lifestyle