Experience Wabi-sabi At The Samurai Residence In Izumi, Kagoshima

Samurai residences are surrounded by green trees and bonsai trees. The trees create shade on the outside, provide comfort and helps soften the strong wind when a typhoon hits. The trees are so beautiful. The garden inside the samurai residence is a perfect place to experience the feeling of “wabi-sabi” and the samurai spirit of minimalism. This style of Japanese garden is called “Karesansui”. The garden is composed of only essential items and spirit. The samurai spirit is represented here.

Please come to the samurai residence garden to experience wabi-sabi.

For your information:

Name of house : Izumi City public samurai residence, “Takezoe-tei”
Address : 5-17 Fumotocho, Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-0204
Access : Please visit web below;

Contact : kanko_c@ city.izumi.kagoshima.jp
http://www.izumi-navi.jp/en/inquiry_farmstays/form (Inquiry Form)

This day-trip course: http://www.izumi-navi.jp/en/modelcourse/orangerailway.html
the Hisatsu Orange Railway features the Kimono Experience at the Samurai Residences. Enjoy the great views of Kyushu’s western coastlines and sceneries outside the moving train.

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Photograph and text by meguru hayata

Looking from guest room

Tatami matchs good with green trees. I wish I could be lazy and relax at here all day looking outside.

Looking from hibachi (brazier) room.

Hibachi is a Japanese heating appliance using wood charcoal. It stays at guest room center all season for long long years.

Different view from guest room

Different trees are planted as they expected to live in the natural moutain.

Shoji (paper screen) and Greens

Shoji matchs good with green trees.

Steps at backdoor

Greens are planted along with steps to street

Wabi Sabi Tree root

Photogenic Tree root like bonsai tree