Spend Time At An Irori In A Samurai House In Izumi, Kagoshima

The garden inside the samurai residence is a perfect spot to experience “wabi-sabi”, the samurai spirit of minimalism. The inside of the house is just as amazing as the outside.

Irori is a fireplace in the family living room, and they are sometimes found inside guest rooms too. The irori is placed in the centre of the room, wrapping the whole house with a gentle atmosphere during all four seasons. Irori is a place for talking, drinking, eating, taking naps and it provides warmth and comfort to the family. At the same time, the smoke from the iori becomes a natural insecticide that hides in the thatched roofs.

From the ceiling, a line of steel is hung with a hook on the top and this is used to hang the pot or kettle. Just above the hook, you will find a carved wooden fish. This fish symbolizes water.

Enjoy the samurai residence in Izumi, Kogoashima, Japan.

For your information:

Name of house : Izumi City public samurai residence, “Takezoe-tei”
Address : 5-17 Fumotocho, Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-0204
Access : Please visit web below;

Contact : kanko_c@ city.izumi.kagoshima.jp
http://www.izumi-navi.jp/en/inquiry_farmstays/form (Inquiry Form)

This day-trip course: http://www.izumi-navi.jp/en/modelcourse/orangerailway.html
the Hisatsu Orange Railway features the Kimono Experience at the Samurai Residences. Enjoy the great views of Kyushu’s western coastlines and sceneries outside the moving train.

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Photograph and text by meguru hayata

Wood Red snapper fish at top of Jizaikagi (free hook)

Fish is the icon for watching out for fire

Small size irori

Larger irori sometime for 8 seats

Looking above of Jizaikagi (free hook)

wood charcoal ash sometimes uses for remove harshness from food and material for pottery

Long-use iron pot

Hot water always available here for drink and warming

Another wood fish icon

Plain wood curving fish good match with plain samurai lifestyle