Enjoy Seasonal Events In Miyama, Kyoto

Spring, summer, fall and winter.
Miyama has four distinct seasons. Japanese culture is greatly influenced by the four seasons in Miyama. Not only by the beautiful sceneries, but also the traditional events that take place each season.

Miyama is 98% forested and has an abundance of rivers, valleys and natural beauty. All four seasons have distinct characteristics and charm, and there are outdoor activities available year round.

There is guided snow shoe trekking in the winter, and rafting, canyoning and an abundance of hiking trails
(a local guide is required as its easy to get lost) to visit year round. There are also cycling tours and some of the best fishing spots in Japan.

A range of cultural activities are also available from bamboo basket weaving to traditional Japanese carpentry and pottery. Most activities can be enjoyed with English instructions but this requires some planning and arrangements in advance so do not leave it till the last minute.

For your information:
Name of place : Kayabuki no Sato

Access :

Question :

Spring in Aishu Forest Hiking

To enter Aishu Forest, natural forest. You are required to get permission and licensed guide. This forest is almost non-touched.

Symbol big Katsura tree in Aishu Forest Hiking

This big signature tree is Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum).

Watching fishes clear and clear stream in summer.

Clean water is chilly even in mid-summer. Many and may small fishes swimming all down to the stream.

Fishing in clear and clear stream.

Fish Fish Fish !

Braiding dried-straw rope in fall.

In the farmers house, big living room. You may have tea and local sweets after the class.

Farmers tells you how to Braide.

These ropes are for hair-band, wrist band.

Dondo-yaki. In mid-january japan-wide ceremony for good luck.

Rice-cake at the top of stick. Burn it and eat it. It's a begginig od year.

Snow-shoe hike

Flat route and hard route. Miyama has many couces suitable your conditions and couriosity.

Snow Festival

You can make any thing you want with SNOW!