Spectacular Winter Nights In Miyama, Kyoto

Winter nights in Miyama, Kyoto is spectacular and photogenic.

Miyama is beautiful every season. Imagine the snow falling from heaven and the rabbit hopping around 10 meters away from your futon.

The snow lantern festival is held annually during the coldest time of the year (usually the end of January and first week of February). Kayabuki-no-sato or the thatched village is lit up decoratively and the whole village is adorned with lanterns made out of snow. Attendees are also encouraged to join in with the making of these lanterns and the locals will happily show you how it is done. On the first and last day of the week long event, there are also fireworks. The thatched village is quite spectacular when everything is covered in white snow and the lanterns create a special atmosphere.

For your information:
Name of place : Kayabuki no Sato

Access :

Question :

Kayabuki no sato is sleeping at night.

Calm, Clam, Calm!

Winter night miyama is No Sound.

No sound !

extremely quiet!

Quiet, Quiet, Quiet !

Listen to the nature !

Tranquil, Tranquil, Tranquil !

Snow falling soft and kind !

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Winter night miyama is extremely scenic.

Good sound sleep ! Good night !