Visit The Beech Tree Forest In Semboku, Akita

The beech trees in the forest hold large amounts of rain in their roots. These trees provide water to people.

I traveled to the water-rich town of Semboku, Akita in mid-fall. It was the perfect time of the year to enjoy the hidden open-air onsen hot spring at Neyuto Onsen village. I enjoyed great seafood, vegetables and wild plants.

I flew to Akita airport from Tokyo. After an hour plane ride, I landed in Akita which is located in the northern area of Japan. I rented a car with an English-speaking navigation at the airport. I tried to put in my destination to the navigation system in English. After giving up on using the navigator, I decided to use my friendly smartphone. I started my lovely journey to the land of water-rich Japanese beech trees that cover the mountains.

Rich in water because of rich beech trees.

After an hour flight, you will arrive in Akita, the beech tree wonderland.

Come here and start rambling.

The soft breeze, the sound of the river, the green leaves and earth-colored trees. Everything here, I love.

I walked around the Neyuto onsen hot spring village. I found many chestnuts, beech tree nuts and acorn nuts on the ground. The road is usually filled with sunshine due to the fallen leaves, but sometimes it is covered with the beautiful shade created by the trees. As I walked, I hoped that this path never came to an end. This area also provides food to many kinds of wild animals.

Too many chestnuts to pick up

In the beech tree forest, you will find many gifts from nature. Use your 5 senses.

This area is water-rich, nuts-rich, food-rich, onsen-rich and people-rich.

This is my first journey to rural Japan.

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