The Trail Path For Mikkyo Buddhist Monks In Oita

Bungo-Takada is a town located in Oita prefecture, Japan. This town offers many fresh foods like seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables. It also offers many tourist spots like the Mikkyo temples, the stone Buddha, the romantic sunset beachline, the monk training trail and more.

In this article, I will be reporting about the monk practice trail.

Mountains view around Mumyou bashi bridge

Muyoubashi bridge is located in the middle of the monk training trail. This photo is taken from the bridge.

The picture above is taken at the foot of the mountain trail. If you are strong and brave, the monk trail can be completed in around 3 or 4 hours.

monk trail map

Sorry, this trail map is only in Japanese. But it shows some photos and the route.

I borrowed this map at the small parking resthouse. I recommend that you to take a photo of this map on your smartphone. In the beginning, you may think it is easy. You will find the stone wall and the iron chain to climb.

After you climb the stone wall, you will need to climb down.

On the way to Mumyoubashi bridge, you will find a small, pretty shrine.

Small shrines at Myoubashi bridge

A small, pretty shrine on the way to Mumyoubashi bridge.

Good view from on the way to Muyoubashi.

You will see great views like this. I climbed in mid October.

I arrived at Mumyoubashi bridge.

Standing on the Mumyoubashi bridge

I am so scared. This is my brave friend standing on the bridge. Unbelievable.

This monk trail is enjoyable and scary at the same time. Enjoy your trail.

For your information :
Name of bridge : Mumyo-bashi
Address : Go to Tennenji-temple first, then start your trail.
Duration : Minimum approximately 2 hours, depends on your course required time is different.


<Access to town>

If you want to experience this Mikkyo monk trail.
Please ask guide service at your hotel or tourist office.

And wear properly long pants, long sleeve shirts, glove and sneaker.
Please do not go rainy day and snowy day.

Photograph and text by meguru hayata