The Secret Hot Spring: Kuroyu Nyuto Onsen In Semboku, Akita

I found a great onsen hot spring in Tohoku, the northern part of Japan. I decided to visit the Nyuto Onsen (Nyuto hot spring village) in Semboku, Akita. I plan on visiting 3 different baths at 3 independent onsen ryokans. The Kuroyu, the Magoroku and the Tsurunoyu hot spring. In this article, I will be writing about the Kuroyu hot spring.


This is the entrance signboard to Kuroyu Onsen. You must walk down to the reception which will take about 5 minutes. You will then see a Japanese onsen in the nature.

Just before you arrive at the lodge, you will hear the mountain water running endlessly. You can clean your hands and face to purify yourself.


You can check-in at this building, and you will be guided to your room. They have 2 different types of accommodation plans, one with meals and services and one without it. Jisui (self-cooking, self futon setting and room cleaning) is less expensive. Jisui lodge was originally developed for people staying for long periods. If you visit this area during the warm season, it is worth trying the jisui lodge. The following pictures are from the jisui lodge.




The regular serviced room is quite simple and clean. These rooms are equipped with yukata, obi and towel. These items will be renewed everyday.


The baths are great!


Please do not be surprised! Konyoku is a gender mixed onsen bath.

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Access :   By public transportation, get on the bus for “Nyuto Onsen” at Tazawako Station via the Akita Shinkansen,
getting off at the last stop after a ride of about 50 minutes. only)

Photograph and text by meguru hayata