Staying At A Farm House In Shunran no Sato, Ishikawa

What is it like to stay at a farm in Shunran no Sato?

Noto is a town renowned for its agriculture. When visiting Noto, how about experiencing the lifestyle of the locals? Shunran no Sato in Ishikawa prefecture is an area that preserves the landscape of traditional Japan. Some of the traditional Japanese houses in this area were renovated and transformed into accommodation facilities. There are houses with a history of more than 100 years! The owners of all these facilities welcome travelers with warmth.


After a day full of events and sightseeing in Noto, travelers can enjoy a relaxing time with the locals. Gathering around an irori (sunken hearth) while tasting homemade dishes with fresh vegetables and fish will become a wonderful memory of your time in Shunran no Sato.


In the spring you can walk up the mountains and pick vegetables and plants. In the summer you can go to the river or admire the charming fireflies. In the fall you can enjoy gathering mushrooms. In the winter you can have fun making snow houses. In the town of Shunran no Sato, there are various cultural experiences for visitors each season.

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Spending a night in Shunran no Sato, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, will make you feel like your heart has been purified. What makes Shunran no Sato a wonderful destination are the host families themselves, who welcome travelers with the same warmth they have towards their own family. You will feel like you have found your “home in Japan” after staying here. So how about visiting Shunran no Sato on your next trip to Ishikawa?

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