Ishigamisan: The Goddess That Grants One Special Wish For Women

A shrine that grants only one wish for women! We call her

This is a shrine that grants one wish for women! We call her “Ishigami-san” in Toba city, Mie prefecture.

Ama divers are motivated to engage in such difficult and dangerous work because of their profound faith in Ishigamisan, the goddess enshrined at the approach to Shinmei-jinja, a Shinto shrine located in Osatsu, Toba City.

Entrance to Ishigami-san shrine

The entrance to Ishigami-san shrine

This goddess is famous for her mystical power to grant one wish for each woman. Thus, this shrine is visited by a great number of people. Long time ago, there was a belief that there was a monster in the sea. Ama divers drew a symbol called “Doman-seman” on their tools as a charm against evil. At the office of this shrine, visitors can buy talismans with this symbol printed on them.

Young women at Ishigami-san

Young women at Ishigami-san

There is a small town of fishermen and female divers called “Ōsatsu” in Toba city, Mie prefecture. There is a small shrine close to the Shinmei shrine known by people as Ishigami-san. There is a 60 cm long monument of the enshrined god, “Tamayori-hime” there. Through the ages, female divers in Ōsatsu have prayed for safety while diving and a good catch.

For your Information :

Name of shrine : Ishigami-san, Jinmei Jinjya shrine
Address : 1385 Osatsu-cho, Toba, Mie Prefecture

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