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Aomori prefecture is surrounded by the seafood-rich ocean. Seafoods such as tunas, scallops and squids are caught. Aomori is also famous for apples, garlic, Chinese yam, tomatoes and cassis cultivation.

Aomori famous Apple picking

The famous apple picking in Aomori

Aomori is on the northern latitude of 41 degrees, which is the same as New York. It snows heavily during the winter. There is the Ouu mountain range in the center of Aomori prefecture and it affects the amount of snowfall in each district. The agriculture in Aomori has developed by making good use of the varying amounts of snow in each area. Aomori city is famous for having the heaviest snowfall as a city with the population of 300,000. This city has successfully developed by producing 90% of the cassis in Japan.

In Aomori, we mainly produce apples, rice, vegetables and cultivate flowers. The Onoe area is famous for the traditional warehouses and gardens. We mostly accept students on school excursions at our farm. Our concept is to provide family love, to teach the importance of agriculture and food, and to spread kindness through the farmhouse stay experience and farm work. We also accept tourists, and we have many events planned for them, such as “farmhouse stay with Neputa Festival” in the summer or “farmhouse stay with apple picking” in autumn. In the winter, we have the light festival in the snow called “Onoe Nouka Monogatari”(Onoe Farmer’s Story).

Kawayo Green Ranch

Kawayo Green Ranch

School in the rice paddy

Students in the rice paddy

School in the farm

Class at the farm

Rose country in Higashi Hakkoda

Rose country in Higashi Hakkoda

Small Fishing on the ice lake

Fishing on the frozen lake

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