Rural Stay in Maruyama, Hyogo Prefecture

Scenes from Old-Time Japan

All over Japan, the population of rural communities such as farming villages are decreasing. In fact, there were some vacant houses in Maruyama district of Sasayama City. Maruyama Village renovated those houses, and turned them into inns. There are two houses, both of them over 160 years old. Guests can use the whole house all by themselves.

Antique houses with thatched roof dot the scenery against the backdrop of the mountains. Maruyama Village is located in such a setting, which is reminiscent of old-time Japan.

The columns in the houses are supported by beams, with thick earthen walls, and fusuma (sliding door) separating the tatami rooms. There is a also a tokonoma (alcove), decorated with kakejiku (hanging scroll) and ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement). The engawa is likened to a deck in Western-style houses. Guests can enjoy these traditional, Japanese-style environment, also have a unique experience.

The Maruyama Village Experience
Breakfast is included in the room charge. It is made by the local residents, using the seasonal offerings of the Tanba Sasayama area. For dinner, guests can go to a local restaurant recommended by the staff, or also make meals by themselves, so they can feel as if they are actually living in the area.

There are also workshops to experience the local activities. Various programs such as farming, cooking, tea ceremony, flower arrangements, pottery and walking around the jokamachi (castle town), have been held.

So try being a local resident, enjoying the natural environment and the culture. There is a unique kind of time flowing in Maruyama, much different from the urban areas.

Maruyama Village
Address: Hyogo, Sasayama, Maruyama 30
Telephone: +81-120-210-289
Access: Twenty minute taxi ride from JR Sasayamaguchi Station.
Charge: 40,000 yen per night for one house (without tax). The service charge is 5000 yen (without tax) per person. Breakfast is included in the charge.
** A discount rate is available for guests staying multiple nights.
Workshops: Please ask the staff for details.