Visiting The Farm With Grandma And Grandpa

I woke up early to the songs of birds and opened the window drapes. I saw grandma and grandpa going to the watermelon farm. I was not ready to go out, so I quickly prepared to go farming with them. When I got my shoes on at the entrance, they were already far ahead. They walked much faster than I expected. I had to run to catch up.

The fruit farm was a little far from the house. As soon as I arrived, they showed me how to handle the watermelons and other fruits. Then I helped clean the farm. During the cleaning, we talked about my family.

They showed me how to tell when the watermelon was ready for harvest. You knock on the watermelon and listen to the sound it makes. The knocking sound was so funny.

Then they showed me the rice paddy. They explained to me why rice require a lot of water to grow. The rice will be served for today’s breakfast.

They told me that the vegetables and fruits I ate last night were harvested at this farm. I suddenly felt hungry.

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Vegetable Gardens.

they were showing me how to treat vegetables


Rice field they own.

Grandma working in the rice field.

Grandma working in the rice field.

Grandma working in the rice field.