Chrysanthemums: Edible Flowers Used In Traditional Dishes

The vivid yellow chrysanthemum petals are very pretty and they stand out in supermarkets in the beginning of summer.

You may have seen sushi or sashimi dishes decorated with chrysanthemums. We eat it as ohitashi. Ohitashi literally means “to soak vegetables in a dashi base sauce” and it is a common way to cook or prepare vegetables. This method infuses ingredients with umami and other subtle flavours, but retains the food’s natural taste and slightly bitter flavour, that is said to help wake up your digestive system. You may find chrysanthemums in miso as well. Garland chrysanthemums are also enjoyed as salad. You can find and buy edible chrysanthemums at almost all supermarkets in Japan during this season.

Chrysanthemums look good enough to eat! It’s not just for decoration, you can eat it.

Chrysanthemums are not only used as decoration, you can eat it.

Edible chrysanthemum

Edible chrysanthemum