Enjoy Fresh, Carefully Harvested Vegetables In Otofuke, Hokkaido

On an early summer day, I went on a trip to a spacious farm in Otofuke, Tokachi, Hokkaido. Although Otofuke is only a 90 minute car ride from the Tokachi Airport, I was surprised to see land full of nature and green farms. I asked my driver to stop the car because I found a cute farm on the side of the road. The farmers were making fresh vegetables at the farm. I asked one of the farmers picking the baby tomatoes where I can taste their carefully harvested vegetables. The farmer told me that there was a restaurant that served their products. The name of the restaurant is Komugi-Batake, which means wheat field. The vegetables that were harvested early that morning were adorable!

I asked my driver if he knew a restaurant called Komugi-Batake. He answered Yes! He took me there for lunch. I was so lucky to be able to taste the beautiful vegetables and fresh meats.

Visit this restaurant to taste the fresh, carefully harvested vegetables.

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http://gt.kouryu.or.jp/detail/01631/1212.html (Japanese only)

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For your information :
Name 0f restaurant : Komugi-Bataka
Address : Otofuke-cho Tokachigawa Japan-onsen kita 13-2
Kato-Gun, Hokkaido 080-0262, Japan

http://gt.kouryu.or.jp/detail/01631/1212.html (Japanese only)

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