Cooking Local Food And Enjoying The Farm Life In Tono, Iwate

After we experienced the exciting rice harvesting (last article, we walked back to the farmhouse. On our way home we rambled around the family’s Buddhist shrine, the river that is used for swimming and fishing, and the water well that mothers and grandmas spend time at. Kominka, the long-lasting timber houses were undamaged even after the Great East Japan Earthquake. I was so hungry after the walk. At around 11 am, we started cooking for lunch. We had the traditional local food called hittsumi (dumplings in a miso-based soup) and salad that was made from the vegetables that were picked up in the morning. When I was cooking, I recalled my memory from my childhood to help grandma cook at her house.

Tono has a peaceful, safe and relaxing atmosphere. People are warm and friendly. Please come to Tono to experience the authentic Japanese lifestyle.

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Grand Ma and I tear the water and flour made dough, and throw them into the boiling pot.

Grand ma making this every week around 50 years.

Boiled dough

washed under water and keep in colander

Learning from Grand ma

Her hand never stop working during chat.

My friends helping to cook

Work otherwise you have no lunch !

Flashback my memory

I recalled my childhood memory cooking with Grand ma.

Hittumi is ready !

Looks so tasty !