Stay At A Farm In Tono, Iwate To Experience The Rural Life In Japan

Staying at a farmhouse is so much fun. Finding unique items like a fish on the irori fireplace, a small shrine in the house, shoji paper wall, wood screen, and so on. You can find very interesting items in a traditional Japanese house.

I went to the farm to pick up vegetables and fruits.
I went to the supermarket to buy food, daily goods, and souvenirs.
I cooked and ate the local food with the family.
I biked around the farm and the town.
I went to the sento and the onsen hot spring.
I walked around the house and talked to the grandma from the host family in Japanese.

Tired from biking around the town, I took a break at a local bus stop and bought a can of coffee at the vending machine. I enjoyed having dinner with the family. I tried their special, local Japanese sake. So much fun!

If you are looking for peace and quietness during your trip in Japan, Tono town, located in Iwate prefecture in the northern part of Japan is the place to go. It takes around 4 hours from Tokyo to Tono on the Shinkansen bullet train (from Tokyo station to Shin-Hanamaki station, then transfer to the local line to Tono Station). You can enjoy the peaceful view of the farm from the very moment you step on the local train.

Enjoy rural Japan.

For your information :
Travel agent for Farmers stay in Tono: Tono Natural Life Network
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After breakfast, work hard and eat delicious

Digging peanuts

Host family boiled fresh peanut shell and I eat it. So Asian and unique.

Braiding straw rope

Host family father teach us how to braid straw rope. Straw rope use for binding the vegetables.

Making lunch

Using just picked fresh vegetables, we helped host family to make lunch. First time to melt miso into soup.

Walking around house

After lunch, we had a chance to walk around village. Each village has shrine.

Enjoy dinner

Great opportunity to experience japanese family communication style. This is lost in translation.