Enjoy The Yuzu Radish Roll In Otawara, Tochigi

Yuzu-no-daikon-maki (yuzu radish roll) is a traditional food that originates from the northern area of Japan, and it is enjoyed during the winter.

The highlights of staying at a farmhouse is that you can harvest vegetables, and that you have the opportunity to go to the supermarket with the host family. We bought all the ingredients we needed to make Yuzu-no-daikon-maki and hotpot.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit Japanese people use when making hotpot. Sometimes they make yuzu jam. I highly recommend you to smell yuzu before you cook it. You will understand why Japanese people like to put yuzu in their hotpot.

Daikon is the Japanese radish. You may have seen Japanese people eating grilled fish with grated raw radish on the side. I like daikon that is cooked in an oden style. This time however, the daikon was cooked in a slightly sweetened vinegar sauce. The radish was cut into slices with the yuzu.

Preserved food like pickled vegetable are served during each meal, even with tea. If you stay at a farmhouse in Otawara, you can go yuzu picking, where you can harvest yuzu of various sizes, smell and color.

You can also enjoy a yuzu bath. Come and enjoy your farmhouse stay in Otawara, Tochigi.

For your information:
For booking https://asoview.com/en/act/117/

Access: http://www.ohtawara.info/access.html  (Japanese only)

Pick-up your favorite Yuzu by yourself at Farm. Start of making traditional japanese local preserved food making!

Not just size, color and weight, citron fruity smell is very important criteria.

Slice Japanese Local Radish

Thin like paper !

Slices sleeps in slightly vineger-sweetned bowl.

Slices becomes clearer.

Peeling skin off!

Yuzu start smelling nice !

Cut YUZU peel into fine thin strips.

Do not worry about small or big, short or long.

Wrap striped YUZU by slices radish.

YUZU yellow is beautiful through sliced radish.

Keep them in slightly vinegar-sweetened juice.

Keep them in refrigerator. Good preserved food in wintertime in northers area in Japan.