Spending Time With The Farmer And The Family At The Farmhouse

At the farmhouse, 2 tables are prepared to welcome the foreign guests. Farmers welcome visitors during the rice planting season, the rice harvesting season, the summer Obon holidays, and during the New Year’s.

The dining table at the farmhouse is always full of fresh, homemade vegetables and dishes of river caught fish. Most vegetables are harvested at their own farm just before dinner. Even the pickled vegetables are fresh. I am so sure you will be surprised by its freshness.

Making conversations using gestures and eye contact is effective and fun. It is like you are experiencing the real life “Lost in Translation”. This is one of the reasons why I decided to visit a country with a very different cultural background. The dining room and the living room are decorated in a traditional Japanese style, with white shikui plaster and big old timber. This is the authentic Japanese lifestyle. I am satisfied with the farmhouse stay experience.

I have become a part of the farmer’s family and they have become a part of my family. Guests are allowed to share the kitchen, the toilet, the bathroom and other facilities in the house. You eat and cook the same food, you talk about the same topics, and you laugh together. Of course, if you get tired, you can say good night and go to your room.
It’s not bad.

Enjoy Japan!

For your information:
For booking https://asoview.com/en/act/117/

Access: http://www.ohtawara.info/access.html  (Japanese only)

Dinner started with new friends.

Other tourists were already started dining in a pleasant atmosphere. They introduce themselves to me. Then I introduced myself to them. Fresh vegetables and fishes delivered to table time to time. The conversation topics were where they visited in Japan, food, sightseeing, any kind of experiences. The hand-made cucumber pickles was so delicious. Visitors are friendly, food was excellent especially local fresh vegetables which I couldn't eat during major cities trip.

Kanpai, giving a toast to everybody health and seeing them.

I felt dead-leg by sitting on Tatami.

Visitor next to me, told me to stretch out my legs. So combatable. Everybody were getting so relaxed and familiar.

Grandma showed us the thank you letter from visitors.

Grandma looked so happy.

The hand-made eggplant pickles

The hand-made cucumber pickles

My favorite.

Kinpira Gobou, chopped burdock root and carrot sautéed with sugar and soy sauce

So good!

Potato salad

So good!

Red Sweet pepper and cucumber

So good!

Today's Special Main Dish, Grilled Sweet Fish with roe !

So Delicious!