Watermelon Harvesting In Ohtawara, Tochigi

Grandma brought in a large watermelon from the kitchen after dinner. The watermelon was grown carefully, just like raising her own kids. This watermelon is only for the family and not for the market. Her family makes fruit and vegetable seeds and ships them to the market. The watermelon she is holding was harvested entirely by her. It is very juicy and sweet.

If you want to stay at a farmhouse to experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle, please visit Ohtawara, Tochigi, Japan.

The next morning, grandma and grandpa took me to their hidden watermelon farm. Pointing at the largest watermelon, they said that I could take one back with me. I thanked them countless times. Every time I eat a watermelon, it reminds me of them.

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Access: http://www.ohtawara.info/access.html  (Japanese only)

Grandma and Sweet water melon

I arrived at 7 PM because a community bathhouse (onsen) on the way was too relaxing to leave. I had kept them waiting. I apologized to family for my delay. Family welcomed me so softly and warmly. Dinner started around 10mins my arrival. In the middle of dinner, Grandma came back from kitchen with whole water-melon. She said, she is producing water-melon just for family. And this is all for me.

Grandma cut water-melon into halves.

I said It's to big to eat. I was really full, no room left to eat.

Grandma cut water-melon into pieces.

I picked up 1 cut and ate it. I surprised with its juiciness. It wasn't extra-sweet one, but it taste so gently sweet. I was so happy. And She looked so happy.

Grandma showed me water-melon garden.

I thought I selected the japan farm stay, because this shared good time.

Grandma had 1 melon left.

I thought this is the japanese hospitality.