Visit The Michi-no-eki In Miyama, Kyoto For Agricultural Products

You will easily find a Michi-no-eki farmer’s market in the countryside of Japan. I visited the Michi-no-eki in Miyama, Kyoto.

Here, you can find almost all the products that are made by local farmers like vegetables, beans, fruits, pickles, eggs, milk, miso and local crafts. The vegetables, fruits, milk and eggs are collected every morning by the farmers. They bring their own products to the market and put them on display. The products are reasonably priced. At the Michi-no-eki in Miyama, which is located next to the Miyama Milk Factory, you can enjoy fresh milk and ice cream.

Miyama is located about 30 kilometers north of central Kyoto. In addition to the famous thatched roof (kayabuki) farmhouses, you can enjoy a variety of foods that are produced in Miyama. Just like the other markets in other rural areas, Michi-no-eki in Miyama is exciting.

Michi-no-eki has restrooms, restaurants and tourist information centers. You can use the Michi-no-eki as a parking spot to take a break from driving, for bathroom breaks and so on.

For your information:
Name of place : Michi-no-eki FURATTO MIYAMA is in Miyama Fureai Hiroba (japanese only)

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Question :

Michi-no-eki at Miyama

At Michi-no-eki you can buy local vegetables, meat, fish, flower, craft at reasonable local price.


Miyama is located in the mountain area, not just fig, you can enjoy many fruits.


Sweet Pumpkin


Very good match Miyama famous Jibie cuisine

Japanese radish

Miyama produces good vegetables for kyoto refined Japanese cuisine.

Komatsuna vegetable

Japanese mustard spinach

Miyama Famous Milk

You can drink, ice cream puff, cheese and so on.


I like their Mozzarella.


Free range farming chicken, so tasty !


Good Rice !

Manganji Togarashi pepper

This pepper is main vegetable for kyoto refined Japanese cuisine.