The Kamakura Snow Hut Festival In Iiyama, Nagano

Kamakura Snow Hut Festival in Iiyama

Iiyama Snow Hut Village is located just outside of Iiyama city in the northern most part of Nagano prefecture,
where there is abundant snowfall in the winter.
The village is open for around a month, from the end of January to the end of February, and is made up of over 15 to 20 huts created from snow.
At night the huts are illuminated by lanterns, creating a beautiful fairytale-like atmosphere that is perfect for families, friends, and couples.

The 15 to 20 Kamakura snow huts range in size, from big to small. They appear at the Shinanodaira area where huge amounts of snow is found. It is called “Kamakura no Sato”, from the end of January to the beginning of March. Visitors can try the famous dish “noroshinabe” (hot pot dish) at Restaurant Kamakura-mura. Come and enjoy the warm noroshinabe inside the kamakura with families, friends or your significant other.

OPEN (Reservation-only)
29th January, 2016 ~ 28th February, 2016 (Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday/ Holiday only)

Saturday and Sunday
Lunch ①11:00~12:00 ②13:00~14:00
Dinner ①16:30~17:45 ②18:30~19:45

Friday and Holiday
Lunch ①12:00~13:30 Dinner ①17:30~19:00

Price (included Kamakura charge + hot pot dish fee)
Lunch: adult 2,200 JPY, child 1,200 JPY
Dinner: adult 2,500 JPY, child 1,500 JPY (hot pot plus a rice ball)

※adult: junior high school student and over
※before entering kindergarten is free
※if you would like to use in weekday, you can make a reservation with over 8 people.

For your information:

For question and reservation;
Please mail to

[Contact] Shinshu-Iiyama Tourism Bureau TEL: 0269-62-3133 8:30~17:45(weekday only)


Snow huts Festival from 29th January, 2016 ~ 28th February, 2016

NOROSHINABE (hot pot dish) at Iiyama

Iiyama (Nagano Pref.) local food