Stay At A Tea Farm And Enjoy Fresh Tea In Kagoshima

The guide and I arrived at the tea farmhouse “Akari, Kaachan no Yado” at around 3 pm. The host family, Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka finished their work a little earlier to welcome me. They welcomed me with warmth. They served me the organic green tea they made, along with a local sweet called “Karukan Manjyu steamed cake” and some homemade pickled vegetables. Their sencha green tea tasted so good.

After we enjoyed our tea at the farmhouse, Mr. Tanaka, the father of the host family took me on a tour to their tea farm. He told me to put on his rubber boots. We started walking to the tea farm next to their house. The tea farm was so big and the trees were nicely trimmed. In the evening, the tea farm was covered in fog. He said that it was cloudy earlier that day, but the stars were shining brightly. We picked up some baby bamboo shoots and some other vegetables at the farm.

When we went back to the house, we had early dinner. The dishes the mother cooked was so fresh and delicious. The joyful dinner was so good.

Tomorrow, I will wake up early and experience tea leaf picking and try the hand roasted Japanese green tea.

For your information:
Name of house : Akari, Kaachan no Yado
Address : Kami-Okawauchi 2704-30, Izumi-shi, Kagoshima-ken 899-0341 Japan
Reservation : (japanese only)
Access :

Contact : kanko_c@ (Inquiry Form)

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Mr. and Mrs. Tanaka at their signature tea field

Warm open hand hospitality farm family

Mrs. Tanaka showing us variety of Japanese tea their farm making

We tasted all of tea. I love the tea roasted brown rice. I recommend you try this tea.

Local typical sweet KARUKAN and home-made pickles

"Welcome Japanese Tea Set Left-top : Karukan Manjyu (steamed sweet bun made from grated yam and rice flour) , Right-top : Home-made Pickles, Home-made Maccha Japanese Tea."

Tea Farmers House is so close to their Tea Field. We can stay this house.

Colorful hydrangea flower blossom in rainy day.

Colorful hydrangea flower

Flowers are so beautiful in the rain.

Farming Tools on the wall. Long-time used Framing tools are so beautiful.

In their warehouse, many old farmers tools are displayed.

Around the tea farm, tall trees are standing.

Tall Trees surround the farms to support to stay mist longer.