Visit The Kitchen In A Samurai House In Izumi, Kagoshima

The kitchen is a perfect place to witness the lifestyle of a samurai and his family. Their lifestyle is very simple and their meals are healthy and organic. In their premises, they have their own small farm to grow their vegetables. Dried firewood are piled up and stored at the back for cooking and for the irori fireplace. They also have a private water well so that they have enough water for cooking, drinking, bathing and cleaning. Samurai houses are sustainable and simple.

At their house, you can see knives, cutting boards, wooden tablewares, wooden trays and other interesting cutlery. Come and see the meals of samurais.

For your information:

Name of house: Izumi City public samurai residence, “Takezoe-tei”
Address: 5-17 Fumotocho, Izumi City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-0204
Access: Please visit web below;

Contact : kanko_c@ (Inquiry Form)

This day-trip course:
the Hisatsu Orange Railway features the Kimono Experience at the Samurai Residences. Enjoy the great views of Kyushu’s western coastlines and sceneries outside the moving train.

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3 fire hole, steaming rice, grill fish, making miso-soup.

3 fire holes are available to use independently.

Cooking oven is made of stone and clay

2 regular fire places and smaller fire place

Water Pot and Cutting Board

High cutting board is hygienic

Slide-close Slit Window

Cold in winter kitchen but good ventilation

Back door to outside

Women and children, Family and employees use this door