Chestnut Picking In Semboku, Akita

wonderful place to ease your damaged body and soul.

So quiet yet vivid. That was my first impression. The colors of the trees, the air, the path and the chestnuts bring me back to life.

Chestnut picking was not on my to-do list. But for organic food and natural life lovers, nut picking is an enjoyable activity.

I visited Semboku, Akita this fall just before the first snow. Semboku is famous for its Japanese sake, rice, fruits and vegetables. In this article, I will be writing on my peaceful experience of chestnut picking.

I walked around the Warabi Theater Art Village. I stayed at this hotel for two nights to experience the traditional Japanese dance and ninja performance. After the dance lesson, I started rambling around the Warabi Theater Art Village and found a long footpath.

Chestnuts piking

Just this sign standing. No people, no coin box.

There was a sign standing on its own, telling us that the entrance fee was 500 Japanese yen. There were no coin boxes and there was no one guarding the entrance. The atmosphere here is so warm and safe.

Chestnuts paradise

Chestnuts, chestnuts and chestnut

I walked around the chestnut garden for an hour. I did not meet a single person. I was only accompanied by chestnuts and trees.

Good Chestnuts

Plump Twin. What a beautiful gift from earth.

I love to eat grilled chestnuts. Japanese people love to eat boiled ones. I still think grilled chestnuts are much tastier than boiled ones. I enjoyed rambling, and tasting the chestnuts made me so happy.

For your information:

Access :

Address : Waseda-430 Tazawako Sotsuda, Senboku-shi, Akita-ken 014-1113, Japan

Photograph and text by meguru hayata