Hideyoshi: Japanese Sake Brewery In Semboku, Akita

Japanese sake brewery visit is listed as one of the must-dos in Japan. As you may know, there are many fine Japanese sake breweries in the Tohoku region. One of best sake making regions is Akita. I have heard from my nihonshoku Japanese cuisine lovers that sake in Akita is good. They recommended that I taste the sake at the brewery.

mud-wall fire-proof building

Thick, fire proof mud wall with a big, black-shining old lock.

Before entering the brewery, I heard the sound of clear water running. I searched for the sound and found a creek with clear water. I touched the water and it was cold and smooth.

I called the brewery for the tour in advance. The tour started with the explanation as to why there was a water stream in the brewery.

Hideyoshi, Sake Brewery Semboku, Akita

You will become a sake master in an hour.

The free guided tour is only available upon reservation.

WATCH THE FIRE and fire extinguisher

A red sign that reads “Watch the fire”

Watch the fire and the fire extinguisher.

living room with old glass

The family living room in the brewery. The old, handmade window glass is so nostalgic.

This brewery is more than 300 years old.

Hideyoshi the Great Sake Brewery Akita

Beech tree water makes good sake here in Semboku, Akita

Hideyoshi is one of the well-known Japanese sake brewery in Akita, Japan. For more than three centuries, Hideyoshi has strived to keep up to the high standards of its name.

For your information:
Name of Brewery : Suzuki Shuzo Ten
Address : Nagano Aza Futsukaichi 9, Daisen-shi, Akita, Japan
You can book the Sakagura SAKE Brewery tour : info@hideyoshi.co.jp


Photograph and text by meguru hayata