Visit The Fish Market In Akizuno, Wakayama

I was woken up at 4:30 am by the alarm on my smartphone and left the lovely futon with regret. I started the car and drove my way to the Egawa fishermen’s wharf at 4:50 am. I stayed at the Akizuno Garten, which is located in upper-Akizuno town. They provided food and accommodation.

During dinner, the restaurant manager told me that the morning fish market and fish auction was happening tomorrow. She called her house to confirm the venue and time, and drew a simple map showing me how to get there. She is so kind. I did not get a chance to go watch the fish auction in Tsukiji, Tokyo, because the Tsukiji fish market is very crowded with tourists. So I decided to visit the fish market here. I got so excited to see the fish auction and the market at Akizuno.



I drove the car in the darkness of Akizuno town. I set the car navigation into my Google Maps and the English speaking navigator installed in the car that I rented. Google Maps was so friendly and easy! After about 15 minutes, bright lights started to appear and they were floating in the darkness. The lights were coming from the Egawa fishermen’s wharf.


Fresh seafoods were displayed all around the market. The market was not big but it was crowded with locals who carried big baskets. Every worker moved quickly. The red lights were reflected on the wet floor and it was beautiful. Every angle of the fish market was photogenic.




I walked around almost all the booths in the market and took many photos. The market had many booths selling live or dried fishes and ready-to-eat foods.



I found many unique seafoods like octopuses, large cut tuna pieces and small dried fishes. Here, you will find a variety of Japanese seafood that you have never tried. Try all the seafoods you encounter.





For your information:
We recommend you to contact the Akizno Garten information center. Akizuno Garten provides tours, guides, meals and accommodation.

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Photograph and text by meguru hayata