Shiroyone Senmaida: The Rice Fields In Noto, Ishikawa

Shiroyone Senmaida in Noto – A World Heritage Site

If you come to Noto in Ishikawa prefecture, one of the places you should visit first is Shiroyone Senmaida. On the steep area between the national expressway and the seashore, there are at least 1,004 rice fields lining up in gradient.


The fields of Shiroyone Senmaida are covered in white snow during the winter, while in the summer, the ripe golden ears of the rice receive the light of the setting sun, offering an incredibly beautiful view that soothes the souls of everybody visiting the area.


The wonderful view offered by the 1,000 fields each season has charmed many international visitors. That is why in 2011, this area was designated as a World Agricultural Heritage Site. Try rice reaping here!

This is the rice of Noto, grown with a lot of care by the locals.


White rice, which cannot be missed from the daily meals of Japanese people, can only be grown in areas with clean water and rich, healthy soil.


Surprisingly, travelers visiting Noto can take part in the rice reaping activity and touch the agricultural products grown by the locals with their own hands!


There is no need to prepare anything for rice reaping. You just put on special boots, take a sickle and go into the field.


The local farmers will teach you the whole process of crop cultivation. The picture above shows a member of a group of travelers being taught how to tie the rice in a bundle (called “hosa”) and laying it out to dry. The field was resounding with the cheerful smiles of people who were reaping rice for the first time.


Taking part in rice reaping with the people of Noto is a great experience. It will help you feel the care and love the locals put into their rice cultivation. Even among the Japanese, there are probably only a few people who have experienced rice reaping in their lives. If you have a chance to visit Noto, do stop by the fields and see with your own eyes the place where the daily meals of Japanese people – white rice – is grown!

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