Enjoy The Snow And The Seasonal Activities In Iiyama, Nagano

Mori no ie, Forest House

Mori-no-ie Forest House is located at Nabekura Kougen Heights in Iiyama, Nagano

Visit the Mori-no-ie Forest house to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. We provide lodges and travel arrangements. We are located at a 550-meter altitude, and is surrounded by an old and well-preserved beech forest. You can enjoy walking through the forest and other outdoor activities.

Iiyama has some of the heaviest snowfalls in the world. It offers natural scenery only available in the snowy regions. Some of them are, the giant beech trees of Mt. Nabekura and the Chikumagawa (also known as the Shinanogawa), which is Japan’s longest river. This gorgeous natural landscape represents Japan’s “hometown scenery,” which fascinates many visitors.

Mori-No-Ie, Forest House in Iiyama, Nagano

Here at Mori-no-ie, we have various activities happening on weekends during the winter. We offer snowshoe hikes and cross-country skiing in the winter, during the night and day. When it gets warmer, there is Nordic walking and trail hiking. In the winter, you can taste famous local sake from Iiyama Village. Our sake is buried in the snow, which enhances its flavour. There are also many seasonal cooking and craft events.

Iiyama is situated in the far north of Nagano prefecture. Iiyama city represents Japan’s typical hometown because of its nostalgic scenery depicted in songs like “Furusato” and “Oborozukiyo”. The city is characterized by the region’s rich natural landscape, a unique history and culture, a sense of tradition and the feeling of kindness. With elegant streets lined with temples, deep forests and highlands, the area is full of charming attractions. The new Iiyama station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet Train) line connecting Nagano city and Kanazawa city opened in the spring of 2015. This means that Iiyama is now easily and efficiently accessible from anywhere in Japan. We hope to see you in Iiyama.

Iiyama is a village of green rice paddies and snow huts. With clear spring water and vast expanses of cultivated fields, this area offers an opportunity to experience Japan’s simple rural life. The symbol of Shinanodaira, Mt. Kuroiwa is home to both the Gifu butterfly and the rare Hime-gifu butterfly. The mountain has been designated as the nationally protected habitat, and appeared in Meiji-era writer and poet Toson Shimazaki’s “Sketch of the Chikuma River.” With thousands of dogtooth violet flowers blooming in the spring and the endless fields of snow interrupted only by snow huts in winter, Shinanodaira is a great place to experience the full variety of seasonal change.

Snow Winter day at Iiyama, Nagano

Snowy days in February at Butsudan Street, Buddhist alter street, Iiyama, Nagano

Experience The Buddhist Altar Repairing In Iiyama, Nagano

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