Ama: The Professional Female Shellfish Divers

Ama goes to sea.

Ama goes to the sea

There are about 1,000 professional female shellfish divers called “Ama” in the Ise-Shima area. They are vigorous working women of Ise-Shima and they say that, “A full-fledged Ama diver has the guts to even feed her husband”.

Ama Catching seashells

Ama catching seashells

Ama grilling the seashells

Ama grilling the seashells

Traditionally, they dive into the sea without any diving equipment like oxygen tanks to catch shellfish and seaweed. Their fishing method has a long history and can be traced back through some ancient records. While working in the sea, they breathe in a unique way to avoid damage to their lungs. Their breathing method is called “Isobue” (literally “sea whistle”). It sounds very plaintive and it was once selected as one of the 100 Sounds of Japan.

Ama tools

Ama tools

“Amagoya” literally means a hut where Ama divers rest and amuse themselves with their fellow divers after diving. Visitors can enjoy the fine flavor of fresh, local charcoal-grilled seafood while listening to the stories told by the vigorous and cheerful Ama divers in their white diving suits.

Sea shells


Talking with Ama

Talking to Ama

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