Visit The Most Beautiful Village In Japan On Ojikajima Island

The small island of Ojikajima floats at the northern end of the Goto Islands, in Nagasaki prefecture, Kyushu.
Because of its original and beautiful landscape, this island  has been chosen as “one of the most beautiful villages in Japan”.

Watch and glasses shop in Main Street in Ojikajima Island

A shop on the main street on the Ojikajima Island that sells watches and glasses

Street view of Ojikajima Island

Street views of Ojikajima Island

water well at Ojikajima island main stree

The well on the main street

There are many festivals in the spring, summer, fall and winter. On this island, people pray to the God of sea, the God of mountain and the Gods of various objects. The locals pray to the Gods for safety and for good catch at the sea.

Field burning out

The burning field

Field burning out

The burning field

Fishing net and blue sky

The fishing net and the blue sky

Making half dried bonito

Making dried bonito

Making half dried bonito

Making dried bonito

Sea-water beaten door

The rusty door

Nishi-Miya Shrine facing sea

Nishi-Miya Shrine facing the sea

Experience the authentic island life in southern Japan.

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Photograph by meguru hayata