Farmhouse Stay At A Thatched Roof Kominka In Semboku, Akita

Nishi-no-ie is a traditional Japanese house which is located in Kakunodate. From this farmhouse, you can visit Lake Tazawa, the Nyuto hot spring and take a local train to visit different sightseeing landmarks close by. In this area, you can also pick mountain vegetables, chestnuts and persimmons.

Living room Farm Stay at Thatched roof Komina "Nishi-no-ie"

The living room at the thatched roof kominka Nishi-no-ie.

The living room is very spacious and is full of sunshine. When we arrived at the house, the family welcomed us with Japanese tea and chestnuts from their garden.

 chestnuts picked-up in their garden.

Chestnuts that were collected in their garden.

I could tell that there were many family memories in this house. On the old pillar, I found a graffiti by small kids.

 black old main pillar

The old black pillar

On the fusuma sliding door, there are many star-shaped paper patchworks to hide the holes kids made.

star-shaped paper patchwork on the holes kids made

The diploma fixed on the wall.

Diploma may house father bestowed
"Kamidana" home shrine Farm Stay at "Nishi-no-ie" means Thatched roof Komina

“Kamidana”- A small shrine inside the Nishi-no-ie thatched roof Kominka.

In most of the old Japanese houses, there is a “kamidana”, which is a small shrine placed in the corner of the room. Every morning, the father changes the tea and meals as offerings, and the family members pray for their ancestors. I prayed to the kamidana for my ancestors with the family.

Wood Fish for fire stopper at Irori Fireplace

A wooden fish used as a fire extinguisher at the irori fireplace

Clean tatami room

Clean tatami room

Host family housefather looks with a forbidding frown

The father and mother of the host family

Akita’s farmhouses are famous for their high-quality services provided by the “oka-san” mother and “oto-san” father. During your stay at the farmhouse, you can enjoy the unique nature and landscape of Akita. You also have the opportunity to taste different kinds of local food. Relax and experience the traditional Japanese lifestyle. Each inn provides different kinds of accommodation. Try staying in the traditional Japanese tatami room!

For your Information :

Name of Farm House : Nishi-no-ie
Address : 34 Shimomura, Kokatsuda, Kakunodate-machi, Senboku-shi, Akita

Contact and reservation :
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Photograph and text by meguru hayata