Nishi-no-seki: The Traditional Japanese Sake Brewery In Oita

“Nishi no Seki” Nishi means the western Japan, and Seki means a Yokozuna (a grand champion).

“Nishi-no-seki”: “Nishi” means western Japan, and “seki” symbolizes Yokozuna (a grand champion).

House Shrine in Japanese sake Brewery in NishiNoSeki

The house shrine in the Japanese sake brewery Nishi-no-seki

Many Many Variation of Sake, Japanese sake Brewery in NishiNoSeki

There are many variations of sake at the Japanese sake brewery Nishi-no-seki.

Many Many diploma in long history Japanese sake Brewery in NishiNoSeki

Nishi-no-seki has received many certificates throughout their long history.

Clean Factory Japanese sake Brewery in NishiNoSeki

The clean Japanese sake brewery

At the very end of their sake making, “jousou”, separating sake from sake lees and “ori-biki”, separating clear sake from coloured sake takes place. This is followed by filtration, formulation, boiling for sterilization, preserving the unblended sake, and another round of formulation and filtration, dilution with water, boiling and sterilization. After going through all these stages it is finally bottled, ready to be shipped out.

I saw the rhythmical bottling technology at this traditional Japanese sake brewery.

I felt so happy to see the Nishi-no-seki Japanese sake being handled with care from the brewing stage to the shipping stage. I tasted their sake during dinner that day.

NishiNoSeki Japanese Sake Brewer

Nishi-no-seki Japanese sake brewery

Sugi-dama ball and blue sky Japanese Sake Brewer

Sugi-dama ball and the blue sky

For your information:
Name of Brewery : NishiNoSeki/Kayashima Sake Brewing Co.Ltd
Address : 392-1 Kunisaki machi-Tsunai, Kunisaki, Oita 873-0513 Japan
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Photograph and text by meguru hayata