JAPAN AUTHENTIC by Erwan Heussaff

For you who are searching for a unique cultural experience in the Land of The Rising Sun, look no further.

Go back to nature with Life Inspired’s original series Japan Authentic this month, to places where dramatic hills, mountain valleys and thatched farmhouses are the backdrop to a scenic and genuine experience. Plus, discover the other side of Japan with lifestyle video creator and culinary enthusiast, Erwan Heussaff and join him in exploring the road less travelled in cities such as Iiyama, Hida, Noto, Sasayama, Ine and Tanabe, where local produce are at its freshest and the people are most welcoming. Having been to Japan a number of times, Erwan is the best person for you to travel with if you want to experience the taste of old-time Japan, especially if you are aiming to explore the quieter and rural side of the island nation. Be it a first-hand experience on harvesting, cycling through paddy fields or catching your own seafood, get ready for a compelling adventure beyond the futuristic urbanscape and lifestyle Japan is well-known for with Erwan who has strong affection for Japanese culture and cuisines.

Travel beyond the clichés and into the heart of fascinating and beguiling Japan with Japan Authentic.

Erwan Heussaff

I’m an Ex-Fat Kid who loves to cook and create content. I believe food is an essential part in a healthy life and I try to show that through video recipes of some healthy, and some not-so-healthy dishes. It’s all about balance. I touch on travel, fitness, nutrition and life in general. Come and join The Fat Kid Inside community. It’s good fun.

– Founder and Former Fat Kid

  • Iiyama Nagano Prefecture
  • Hida Furukawa Gifu Prefecture
  • Noto Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Sasayama Hyogo Prefecture
  • Ine Kyoto Prefecture
  • Akitsu Wakayama Prefecture