Canadian Youtuber Mira Stays At An Old Japanese Style Home In Nishi-Awa, Tokushima

In Shikoku, about an hour’s drive away from Tokushima Airport, stands Udatsu no Machinami, a historical townscape that has stood since the 19th century, when the region prospered as a town producing indigo dyed goods.
Whether it is trying out an agricultural experience at one of the 40 degree sloped farms, which have been recognized as a heritage site by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, or spending some peaceful time relaxing at a several hundred years old, well-cared for Japanese style home, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself here.
Cultural exchanges with the local residents of these mountain villages, who live in sync with their natural surroundings, learning about everyday life and food culture while staying at a farm, trekking at the sacred Mount Tsurugi, taking part in river sports like rafting along the Yoshino river system or any of the other fun mountain and river based experiences – these are just some of the many charms that Nishi Awa has to offer.

This time, Mira, a Canadian Youtuber, stays at an old Japanese-style home tucked away on a mountainside in little know Nishi Awa.

Schedule (September 2017)

Day 1
Haneda Airport = Tokushima Airport = Udatsu no Machinami field trip = Awa Odori dance experience = Old home field trip = visiting Iya Kazurabashi = staying at a farm house

Day 2
Stay at the farm house = cruise on the Ooboke sightseeing boat = Awa-Ikeda Station = Tokushima Airport = Haneda Airport

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