Tono, Iwate: Stay At A Farmhouse And Experience The Cultural Differences

One of the main purposes of my first trip to Japan was to experience the real life “Lost in Translation”. To fulfill this purpose, I decided to stay at a farmhouse. I decided to visit the Tono village and experience the farmhouse stay there because Tono is far from the large cities like Tokyo and Osaka. Tono is also well known for its folktales. This village seemed like a good place to visit, to experience a slow and relaxing lifestyle.

I chose to stay at a farmhouse, and not in a hotel. I contacted the Tono Natural Life Network for information and made reservations.

Due to the careful arrangements made by the travel agent in Tono, the farmhouse that they chose was perfect for me. The farmhouse was located near a rice paddy the family owned, and the house was a historical kominka. I was introduced to a lovely and powerful grandma at the house. This house was registered in the Japan Farmhouse Stay Program. When I met the lovely grandma here, it reminded me of the warm feeling I got when I first met the grandma in Otawara.

If you are interested in experiencing cultural differences, farmhouse stay is a great option. Please enjoy the “Lost in Translation” experience here in Tono, Iwate, Japan.

For your information :
Travel agent for Farmers stay in Tono : Tono Natural Life Network
Contact :

Grand-ma with Japan Farm Stay

Grand-ma was shy enough like small girl to close eyes to camera

Grand-ma with Japan Farm Stay Certificate

Grand-ma opened her small eyes when I called her "Baa-chan" means grand-ma Japanese.